Awaken | Day 8


“It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees.”PSALM 119:71

The Bible is clear that we will go through hard times. It’s inevitable. We often blame God or blame others for the trials in our lives because we are in despair or pain. We think thoughts like “how can this possibly be good for me?” These times teach us to lean on the Lord for strength, comfort and protection. God uses affliction to show us His plan more clearly and we come out on the other side stronger and more equipped to live like Jesus.

Let’s pray.

Lord I know you are working in my life even in the hard times. When I’m hurting I’ll still praise you. I know there is purpose in the trials. Help me not become so overwhelmed that I turn from you. I want my life to bring you honor in any pain I experience. I love you!

*Adapted from “The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast” by Kristen Feola.

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