Awaken | Day 11


“I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?”JEREMIAH 32:27

Things in our lives can seem lifeless and dry. Expired. We can come to a dead end and not know where to turn next. We lose hope. But God is the Lord of the universe and cares about what concerns us.

Not only did He raise Jesus from the dead, He redeems us from sin and eternal death. That means He has offset our debt of sin (which, by the way, we could never repay). So, if He cares about our eternity, then it makes sense that He cares about the details in our lives. You may be burdened with school, work, a relationship or an overdue bill, but know that nothing is too hard for God. He can give life to your situation. Trust Him at His word and watch Him amaze you!

Let’s pray.

Lord I trust you. When situations seem hopeless, I know that you are able to do more than I can think to ask. When my reality seems impossible, you step in with your reality. Nothing is too hard for you. Help me to trust you and the plans you have already laid out for my life.

You’re never too far from Grace.
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